Conservation Partnerships

Henry’s Fork Lodge supports a large number of conservation organizations to protect not only fish and fishing, but also the larger landscape of the nation’s environment. Below are a number of them, with an asterisk (*) denoting ones on which we have served as directors or trustees.

We suggest you look into these organizations to see which ones fit your own preferences for support.

California Academy of Sciences*
One of the nation’s leading natural science institutions, combining research, education and exhibitions.

California Trout
The leading California conservation organization focusing on salmon, trout and their habitat.

Environmental Traveling Companions
Brings outdoor adventure and environmental awareness to disabled and underprivileged children.

Greater Yellowstone Coalition
The leading advocate for the protection of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

Henry’s Fork Foundation*
The Voice of the Henry’s Fork, dedicated to the protection of the river and its watershed. A leading grassroots organization indispensable to the Henry’s Fork.

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation*
National organization created by Congress to protect and restore fish & wildlife and their habitat.

The Nature Conservancy of Idaho
Idaho’s chapter of the nation’s leading land protection organization. They are especially focused on protecting the Island Park area from unwise development.

Stanford University – Bill Lane Center for the American West*
A leading center for addressing the major challenges of the West, especially western water issues.

Teton Regional Land Trust
Our local land trust that concentrates on protecting the part of southeast Idaho that includes the Henry’s Fork watershed.

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partners
A relatively new coalition of hunting, fishing and other outdoor groups that advocates for federal investment in fish & wildlife.

Trout Unlimited*
The leading organization for conservation of trout, salmon and their habitats. They have a special interest and high investment of effort in water in the West.