2014 Early Season Forecast

Apr 23, 2014

It’s always a bit of an educated guess before the season begins and before any reports are in, but my record has been cautious but good.  So here’s the fearless forecast for this season, buttressed by some actual hard data:

I expect we’ll have hatches that may be a bit later than usual because of early season water conditions.  This should be a banner year for the gray drakes on the lower river, one of the river’s greatest hatches and one that produces some of the season’s finest fishing, in June.

The other fork of the Snake, the South Fork, also has abundant moisture in the snowpack – about 150% of normal.  Its reservoirs, however, are very low – Jackson Lake at 31% full and Palisades at only 29% full.  How soon and how much will be released from the reservoirs as they fill does not show up in my crystal ball.  I can only guess that early season flows will be low to normal followed by increased flows as irrigation demands increase.  Stay tuned.