Nelson's Five Easy-To-Do Tips

May 23, 2013

1. Wet your knots  - After you’ve loosely formed your knot and before you tighten, lick or dip your knot to wet it.  Lubed knots hold better!

2. Tie knots in your shadow.  When you have trouble threading your tippet through the eye of your fly, a dark background will help.  The easiest way, especially when you’re on the water, is to turn and face your shadow.  Makes seeing everything easier – try it.

3. Face west at dusk – When you fish the Magic Hour right before dark, as soon as the sun drops below the horizon, try to position yourself so that you’re facing west, into the glow, as you cast at the fish.  Your fly will stand out as a silhouette, much easier to see, allowing you to fish longer.

4. Find the tippet in your reel – I often can’t find the end of my tippet when I want to start rigging up – very annoying!  Either make it a practice to avoid reeling the very end of your tippet onto the reel or do this:  Slowly turn your reel handle backwards while blowing hard onto the line and leader wound on the spool.  About 90% of the time, the tippet will pop out.

5. Lengthen your leader – When you want to lengthen your leader,  like when going from a broken water stream to a flat water stream or lake, do it from the butt end, not the tippet end.  Adding 2-3’ of 25# mono at the butt end of your leader is easy and will allow the leader to turn over well.  Adding at the tippet end usually means your leader will be flimsy and very hard to turn over.  Carry a spool of 25 lb. mono in your vest!