What to Bring

Fly Fishing Rods & Gear
If you bring one rod for all-around fishing, your best bet is an 8½ to 9-foot rod for 5 or 6-weight line. If you bring two rods, make one a 4 or 5-weight and the other a 6 or 7- weight, also in the 8½ to 9-foot length. Or do what most fly fishermen do – bring all your favorite rods!

Floating lines are used in almost all situations, but a sink tip or full sinking line can be useful in lakes. Other important equipment includes:

Excellent fly fishing gear–in a wide range of prices and style–is available for purchase locally. In addition, most gear (rods and reels, waders, float tubes) is available for rent.

If you need flies for our area, we strongly recommend waiting until you get here to buy them, so that you’ll have precisely what you need for the time of year and places you’ll be fishing. The guides all carry a good supply of the right flies, so you only have to purchase those you actually use.

Dress at the Lodge and throughout the area is casual, so comfort is the prime consideration. The best approach is to be prepared for a wide variety of conditions, both because of the wide temperature swings we experience between daytime to nighttime and because the weather can change very quickly. Layering sweaters and jackets over lighter shirts offers flexibility, keeping you comfortable under any weather conditions.

During the day, the sun can be quite intense, especially when reflected off the water, so many people prefer long sleeved shirts for protection from the sun. A warm jacket or parka is essential throughout the season as is a good rain jacket for protection from both rain and wind. During early June and after the middle of September, long underwear bottoms are advisable and can be useful throughout the season for wading in cold water. Light or medium weight polypropylene or similar synthetics work best.

Here’s our suggested list of outdoor clothing:

In addition to clothing, sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher is essential and hand cream is useful in our dry, sunny mountain climate. We do have mosquitoes, especially around water, so insect repellent is advisable.

All of these items are available nearby or in West Yellowstone (40 miles).